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Centene – Broker Contracting Instructions

Broker Contracting Link: 


Initial Login to the system – create a user name and password.  Domain is hlth.  Agent will be asked to confirm that everything is correct.

Once logged in, select “Broker Onboarding-Centene” from the “New Request” dropdown list.

Read Sections 1 thru 7

Responsibilities of Sales Agents

Insurance & Indemnification

Terms & Termination

Resolution of Disputes

Under Section 7; Enter Name and Address.  Note:  If agent will be assigning commissions to his/her personal agency, enter agency name where it asks for the name. à Next

Read Appendix B – Code of Conduct.Enter First and Last Name and Date, if date does not populate please select the calendar to the right and select today’s date due to formatting requirements. à Next

Read Appendix C – HIPAA Bus. Assoc. Agreement. If the Agent is Assigning Commissions to their Agency, Under the Contract we will be able to tie the agent to their agency by the AOR First and Last name fields they will then enter the date. à Next

Complete Preliminary Agent Information Form à When filling out the Preliminary Authorization Information Form for an Agency Contract or Agent is trying to assign their commissions to their Agency then please be sure you are plugging in the Agencies TIN- do not place in the Principal’s/Agent SSN, and all other fields requesting NPN, License, etc be sure it is the agency information if you are indeed completing an Agency Contract. If you are completing and Agent Contract under the Preliminary Authorization Information Form please proceed and complete as the instructions indicate à Next

Complete Web Registration Form àNext

Complete Direct Deposit Form àNext

Complete W9 à If you are completing an agency contract or an agent contract where the agent is going to assign their commissions to their agency please ensure that you are leaving box 1 blank by plugging in the Agency’s name in box two and that the TIN is populated in the correct portion on the W9. It is understood that line 1 says to not leave it blank however if you are doing one of the two listed above leave it blank go straight to line 2. If you are doing a normal agent contract please plug in their name in line 1 and move straight to box 3. àNext

Complete the E&O Attestation Form àNext

Review the contract for accuracy à Submit.  Once submitted, the agent will receive a pop-up that says that the contract was successfully submitted or that something needs to be corrected.  If something needs to be correct, the agent can go back and fix what is needed, as the error message states which tab the agent will need to go back and complete.   

Agent Next Steps:  Click on the following Centene AHIP link, login to AHIP using your credentials, and your2018 test results will be automatically sent to us within 48 hours.  While on the website, you will be required to complete the local market product training and certification test, as well, for all markets whose products you wish to sell.  The allwell AHIP site is:

Agents will be notified by the local market sales team via email when they are ready to sell. 

If you have questions on contract please call 877-331-5154